Emergency Tree Service

If you have an emergency call out 24/7 hotline now – 555-555-5555 for immediate assistance.

Stuck in an emergency involving a tree? Here at Raleigh Tree Service Co, we understand the amount of stress, panic, concern, and uncertainly you’re in right now.

One thing we do know is the sooner you call us, the sooner we can help. We have years of experience and have navigated hundreds of emergencies. We’ve probably seen almost everything that could go wrong for a property owner when it comes to trees.

Rest assured, we know what we are doing and have the crew to tackle any job.

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Strong winds, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, or other causes can strike at any time. Some things are just out of our control. 

Disasters happen – like an emergency where a tree has fallen on your house, fence, garage, or is blocking access to your complex. In times like this, Tree Service Raleigh is available 24/7 to assist you with its fast emergency tree removal service.


Fallen trees can end up causing damage to your roof, windows, cars, and other property. Trees that are partially down can be risk to you and passersby. Thus it’s best to have them removed as soon as possible. There’s no need for you to wait for another business day as our easy to call 24-hour Emergency Tree Service representative is ready to assist you promptly. We love to work with you and serve you with our 100% customer satisfaction service – We’re just a phone call away, 555-555-5555. 


Tree Service Raleigh has the best equipment and a skilled team. We only use the safest practices and efficient tools to manage your emergency tree removal services. Our team removes trees without causing any further damage to your properties as we commit to our customer-focused services. 


What is a Tree Service Emergency?


  • Fallen or damaged tree due to bad weather

A fallen or damaged tree needs emergency action as it can cause more damage to bypassers and may also be an obstruction on the road or pedestrian area


  • A tree is a possible threat to people or property

An emergency is required if parts of the tree landed a car, pedestrian area, road, or buildings. Have it checked immediately once you notice cracks on the branches of your tree or if it’s already leaning


  • A sick tree that is weak and you know there is severe weather on the way.

Sick trees, if not removed, may infect other trees in the area. They can also be a potential danger due to their weak branches that may fall to people or properties


Routine checking on your trees will help prevent problems that are both costly and dangerous. If you find that the tree is already in a bad position or condition, taking action sooner is better than waiting for the worst to come.


What to do in an Emergency Situation Involving a Tree

Here are few immediate things you should do when faced with this kind of Emergencies:

  • Make sure you are in a safe place
  • Gather everyone else
  • Check if anyone is hurt and call 911 if needed
  • Take pictures of the damage if you can
  • Call your homeowner’s insurance provider
  • Reach out to Raleigh Tree Service Co and we will respond to your request quickly
  • Stay safe


Removing fallen trees on your own can be more dangerous than you think. Let our team do the work for you as our workforce has proven experience in tree removal and the right equipment to make sure that the job is done efficiently and timely. 

We understand that this kind of emergency can cause you a lot of stress. Thus we make sure that your properties are safe during the process and we clean up before leaving your area. You can always speak out your concerns to our friendly and professional team and we will be happy to assist you.


Our vision is to serve you with unmatched tree removal services, whether it’s emergency or for other reasons. We make sure that the process is smooth for you, from your initial call up until the service required is completed. We are committed to serving you for your emergency tree removal requirement. Your family and property safety is our top priority.