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Do you need help in removing a tree from your house or business? Whether it has been fallen from a storm, diseased, blocking the way, or any other reason, our fast action team here at Raleigh Tree Service Co is here to do the job for you.

Tree Service Raleigh is your licensed and insured local tree removal company with skilled and professional staff that you can trust. We pride ourselves on our top-notch, efficient team with a fast and systematic approach to all our tree removal services.

We understand that trimming or removing trees can be messy, with our staff who are friendly and have the right worth ethic rest-assured that we will not leave your property uncleaned so you can enjoy the view better than before! We focus on customer satisfaction and finish the job with integrity, courtesy, and in a professional manner. 

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How much does it cost to remove a tree?

This is a common question we get asked all the time. The answer is, it depends on the factors involved. While nothing is more convenient than getting the quotation over the phone, estimators need a visual assessment of the condition, here are some considerations that can affect the cost of tree removal services:

  • The size of your tree

The labor and equipment used will depend on the size of the tree, if the tree is thinner then it will require less effort thus lesser cost. Same with its height, if the tree is taller the level of difficulty is much higher than the shorter one plus the added factors that must be considered like power lines and nearby properties. In general,  a bigger and taller tree will not only require more effort but also time and special equipment may be used to take the tree fully down.

  • The location of your tree

Location plays a big impact on the overall cost of the service as accessibility plays a vital role in assessing the complexity of the job required. If the tree is in a tight surrounding, in a remote area, or if vehicle access is limited then it will take more time to remove it plus specialized equipment may be needed. Ensuring the safety of the properties nearby is important, thus arborists will have to work on the obstacles to make sure that there will be no damage as they take down the tree.

  • The condition of your tree

While you may think that deceased tree removal costs less than a healthy one, the reality is no. The stability and safety of the tree must be inspected, if the limbs of the tree are brittle and are unsafe to climb then extra rigging will be required. Healthy trees are easier to handle and less expensive. 

  • Additional Services

Tree clean up may be included in your tree removal estimate as a small add on to save your time with branch removal and leaf cleanup. If you’ll request larger branches and trunks for firewood, this can also be coordinated with your service provider.

Mainly, danger level and the time involved are the primary factors that affect the price of tree service removal. Danger slows down the operation and gives a higher risk for the life of expert tree workers. The more hazardous the situation, the more likely specialized equipment is needed as well. Having highly skilled staff with the right equipment is a good sign that you are dealing with a quality service provider.

How can You Reduce the Cost of Tree Removal?

You may be able to reduce the cost of tree removal by removing or mitigating some of these hazards before the estimators arrive and inspect the area. For example, if there are fences that restrict your area you may remove them for a while for easy access. You may also want to make sure that you report your sick tree as soon as possible before the situation gets worse. Another tip is to consider the month you are requesting for the service, if the urgency is not high you may want to schedule it for the dry season (e.g., late November through January), some companies are offering competitive prices during this time. Below are some insights to identify if your tree is sick or if it needs to be removed from your property.

What are the signs of a sick tree?

  • Excessive leaf drop

Shriveled leaves before the fall season.

  • Leaf Discoloration

If the leaves are discolored yet still attached to the branch and if they are discolored before the fall season.

  • Weak branches

Branches are falling on their own with no apparent reason and don’t have barks or leaves on them

  • Cracks In The Tree Trunk

If the cracks or splits are significant and deep

  • Rotting Trunk and Roots

This can be a sign of bacterial or fungal infection, this may appear as holes, cracks, white or black spots on the tree trunk.

  • Pests

If you see some pest on your trees or nearby, like termites, wood wasp, and stem borers

The moment you see these signs, give us a call to double-check the status of your tree if immediate action is needed.

When do I need to remove a tree from my property?

We understand, sometimes it is a difficult decision to remove a tree that has been there for a long time and has provided shade, fresh air, and attracts wildlife but sometimes we have to look at the bigger picture. Here are some aspects that you may want to look into why you need to remove a tree for the safety of your family and property.

  • The tree is sick or dead

This can affect its surrounding area and infect other nearby trees

  • The tree is damaged by harsh weather

This can be potentially dangerous if it’s beyond repair

  • The tree becomes an obstruction

If it’s intruding on other properties like houses, roads,  fences, or powerlines. 

  • The tree becomes a threat

If a tree is too large for its location and may be harmful if it falls or drops branches

  • There’s significant crowding

If there’s unbalance number of trees on your property that compromises the whole area

While you may consider doing the removal on your own to reduce cost, we suggest seeking help from tree care professionals. They have a wide understanding and the right equipment for tree removal under different circumstances. Hiring professionals take you away from risk and dangerous situations. 

Tree Service Raleigh is affordable among other tree removal companies with the quality and our on-time services that quickly resolves your concern. Our consulting arborist will walk you through the proposal and help you understand the variables affecting the price. Contact us at 555-555-5555 and we will be happy to assist and meet with you for Free Estimates and convenient scheduling.